We offer recruitment services for industrial and engineering sectors.


Oil & Gas
Energy & Environment
Construction & Infrastructures

Engineering is what we are passionate about. We base our professional qualifications, know-how and niche experience on a long cooperation with Polish and international engineering companies, planning and design companies, consulting companies, general contractors and investors.

We have completed recruitment projects for the following positions: multispecialty certificated designers (HVAC, constructions, electrics, plumbing, roads, railroads), pipework designers, turbines specialists, technologists, project team leaders, general designers, process engineers, mechanical engineers, QA/ QC, NDT experts, sales engineers, technical advisors, product managers, project managers (commercial power industry, wind power industry, biomass, commercial and industrial construction, underground, roads, railroads), engineering managers, heat and power plant construction managers, planning and design directors, investment directors, sales managers for power engineering services and many others.


Building Products
Manufacturing Industrial Products
Automotive & Aerospace

Our experience in the industry is mainly connected with management, sales, marketing, production, engineering, R&D, maintenance, HR, law and logistics and purchase. These areas require different qualifications which are all equally important and different experts who are equally important. This is how a company is created.

We have completed recruitment projects for the following positions: chief executive officers, technical directors, investment directors, logistics directors, HR directors, sales directors, marketing directors, production directors, operations directors, financial directors and controllers, maintenance managers, chief technologists, product managers, marketing and PR managers, chief legal directors, sales managers in various lines of business.