We offer comprehensive solutions in the area of Executive Search and Engineering Recruitment.

Engineering Recruitment

Recruitment of engineers and highly qualified technical staff requires precision and knowledge of particular sectors of industry. We have over fifteen years of experience in this area. We undertake tasks which require addressing a target group of Candidates directly. Our added value is the ability to establish open relations in engineering environment and focus on the final result of our activities. We cooperate with many experts, scientists, industry organizations and technical education institutions. All these activities result in a wide network of contacts in engineering environment, many references from our Clients and continuous development of our expertise.

We approach every project with engineer's precision. We know how much effort has to be put in the acquisition of expertise by an engineer and how important self-fulfillment and development are for them. Therefore, our Candidates are presented only such offers which constitute real challenges for them. This way our Clients can recruit the best highly motivated specialists from particular sectors of industry.

HR Services

Individual Assessment

We carry out Individual Assessment projects for Employees and Candidates for a particular job position. We assess competence and motivation level with the use of a competence interview and psychological tools. As a result, the Employer receives a written assessment report which is a valuable tool the decision-making process.

References Check

Upon the request of our Clients we perform reference check in the Candidate’s previous places of work. This process is performed on several levels with the use of our Consultants’ knowledge, experience and network of contacts. We provide this service in all discretion.


This service is provided for an Employee terminating a contract with an Employer. Its aim is to advise an Employee on further career path, development of personal and managerial skills, and search for a new challenge on the job market. We develop an outplacement strategy which is suitable for local market conditions and individual needs and preferences of an Employee. Thanks to market knowledge, personal skills and engagement of our Consultants, our outplacement programs effectively support an Employee in finding a new job.

Business Coaching

Who is it for?

Over the years, coaching has been addressed at key members of organizations, such as middle and high management. Today there are no such constraints – it is at Organization’s discretion to choose participants to a coaching program. Employees at all levels, such as managers, specialist or experts, can benefit from business coaching.

Coaching is currently an integral part of management development programs, business projects, and short-term support for managers and team leaders.

Benefits for Employers

  • increase in manager's effectiveness in team management,
  • increase in personal motivation of managers and their teams,
  • increase in efficiency of all teams and their members,
  • improvement of relations with business clients
  • increase in team and team leader's creativity, introduction of a pro-active approach.

Benefits for Employees

  • personality development, "awakening of inner power", increase in self-confidence,
  • removal of mental constraints blocking current development,
  • improvement of the quality of life and level of professional satisfaction,
  • improvement of functioning in an organization, or a group
  • improvement of professional, personal and family relations
  • increase in personal efficiency
  • adoption of an appropriate (motivating) target definition
  • development of motivation for achieving personal and professional goals
  • access to one's unused potential.